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Munchy's Staff Application

on Sat Oct 14, 2017 6:23 pm


How many hours can you spend on the server daily?
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5pm-9:30pm 5pm-9:30pm 5pm-9:30pm 5pm-9:30pm 5pm-9:30pm 1pm-9:30pm 1pm-9:30pm

Central Standard Timezone (CST)

What languages do you speak fluently?
I currently only speak English fluently however that may change.

Can you use teamspeak/slack?
Yes, however I am more active on discord and skype.

Any previous experience?
RaidMC – I was a staff manager on RaidMC and I mainly was active on the forums and would help with staff applications and staff training. I am no longer staff on there because the server shut down due to the owner quitting minecraft and nobody would pay to keep it up. This was a factions server.

SkyMC – I was also a staff manager on SkyMC as it was owned by the same persion as RaidMC. I did practically the same job however I was mainly busy with RaidMC so I mainly helped with the staff who needed assistance and anything on the forums. This was obviously a skyblock server.

Ultradino – I was a moderator on Ultradino and the server is still running to this day. I would help people in discord , the server chat , and on the forums. I was a helper in a way but I was also moderating the server and making sure it was clear of rule breakers to get in the way of the server being as great as it could possibly be. I am no longer staff on there because of a resigning.

EagleCraft – I was practically like a co-owner but I was a staff manager on this server I managed all of the staff team and would help if they ever needed assistance. I would help them decide punishments and when there we’re new staff I would sometimes teach them some of the ropes. The server shutdown due to the owner just completely leaving everything to due with computers. This was a prison server.

Econation – This was a CityRP server we’re you would get jobs and all of that type of stuff. I was a manager and would help people with support issues and donation problems. I would also help in chat and with the staff issues. The server also shutdown due to the owner no longer paying for the server however it was up for a good amount of time before it shutdown.

Coopercraft – This was also a CityRP server in which I was an admin on. I managed staff applications on the forums and helped people with in game problems. I am no longer staff on the server due to the owner moving onto make different types of servers.

Skycrowns and Factionblox – I managed both of these servers as an owner. The servers have shut down due to me wanting to move on and me just not getting enough money to handle and improve the server to how it should have been.

Now those we're just my experiences on minecraft. I have tons of experience handling situations on garry's mod as well.

Venomous Gaming - I was a senior-moderator on this garry's mod server and it was a military rp server and if you have ever played an rp server on garry's mod you know there are tons of situations that the staff have to take care of. I managed situations mainly and would help with white listing , player reports , and general questions. I am no longer staff on here because I resigned and right after that the server shut down and tons of drama went out and someone else made a re-make of it and now it is back up owned by someone else. I also helped a lot on the forums.

DankRP - DankRP was a DarkRP server in which I was a moderator almost an admin on and I managed situations as well. As stated above I helped with white listing , player reports , and questions, I would also help with donations and the forums. I am no longer staff on there because of me making a resignation. The server is still up to this day.

FluxRP - This was another DarkRP server in which I was a moderator on. I did practically the same however I didn't manage the forums or donations and I would only handle situations that happened with the players and the staff team. The server shut down due to the owner having to go to college.

I have been staff on other servers that we're long ago and I can list some of them I just won't have as much information about them as it was years ago.

Why do you think you should be a moderator?
I think that I should be staff for a couple of reasons on this server. First are my traits. I am mature and being mature is one of the most important traits of being a staff member.
I can handle difficult situations that other people may not be able to handle and I can do that without any stress. I am kind and respectful to everyone on the server as without the players the server would be no where. I am caring about the server and the players experience as once again without the players the server wouldn't be anywhere. I am responsible and can get things done and you can expect me to always be there for the server. I will be active on the server and always be there when needed and answer the players on discord in game and on the forums. I am honest and trustworthy so you can always trust that you are hearing the truth when talking to me. I can work well with other members of the staff team and the players / community. I also think that I should be accepted because of my experience and I know what I am doing as a staff member in all kinds of fields and positions.

Are you staff on any other servers?
Not currently.

Any extra information?
Not at the time.
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Re: Munchy's Staff Application

on Sat Oct 14, 2017 6:49 pm

Welcome to the team!
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